On Wednesday, 29th December 2022, the Minister of Local government, Chieftainship, Home affairs and Police, Honourable Lebona Lephema, joined Basotho domestic workers association in their annual celebration held at the Blue Mountain Inn, Berea.

The association was founded by Mrs. Malineo Nthene in 2019, and it was aimed to unite Basotho women who work at different provinces in the Republic of South Africa, and to share and exchange any form of suspected abuse, including human trafficking incidents. This follows last year’s celebration held on the 29 December 2021, at Mount Maluti hotel, Mohale’s Hoek.
At the event, the Minister indicated that unemployment rate in Lesotho, has increased tremendously and has brought some horrible effects that lead people to fall trap human traffickers, while being promised well-paying jobs and scholarships abroad.
The Minister pleaded to the association to work collaboratively with the Government, in fighting against human trafficking, and poverty. He indicated that it is every Mosotho’s responsibility to see to it that Lesotho changes for the better, for the benefit of future generations.
Honourable Lephema concluded that Basotho ought not allow foreigners to create job opportunities for us, but it is our responsibility to wake up and think out of the box.
Mrs. Tebello Kobeli from Beautiful Dreams Society (BDS), acknowledged the celebration and shared to those present that, BDS plays an important role in shelter provision and caring for victims of human trafficking. She further advised Basotho to follow proper and correct procedures while applying for passports and work permits, but more importantly to do thorough research on advertised job opportunities.
According to BDS records, Maseru bridge has the highest number of those who fall trap of being trafficked, followed by Ficksburg and Van Rooyen’s gate.
At the end of the event, the association together with the Minister offered gifts to vulnerable children.