The Minister of Home Affairs Honourable Motlalentoa Letsosa on Wednesday 24th August 2022 paid a visit to the local chiefs of Pitsaneng, Ha Moshati in Berea district, where he discussed with them the importance of livestock marking. (branding and tattooing).

In addition, Honourable Letsosa said branding and tattooing livestock is another form of protecting them from theft. The Minister affirmed to them that branding and tattooing are unique as nobody can share the tattoo mark with another. He added that this marking system is safe as the animal can be traced in and out of the country.
Furthermore, “now that we have taken it upon ourselves as the Ministry to ensure that your livestock is branded or tattooed with legit marks, I am aware that in this area, the livestock officials have been running out of gas used for branding and tattooing for the longest time and this has hindered their work,” the Minister noted.
Moreover, Honourable Letsosa promised that the Ministry will do all possibilities to ensure that services of livestock marking are normalized. He said gas is used to brand long livestock (cows, horses, and donkeys) while short ones (sheep and goats) are tattooed using ear notching. The latter services are still provided as they are not costly as branding.
On the other hand, Chief Makhabane Masupha of Pitsaneng Ha Moshati said, for two years, livestock marking services have been on hold due to financial constraints to procure gas. He added that the challenge they faced is that, some animals are registered without being marked and this is against the law.
In conclusion, he said, they are still satisfied with livestock registration services offered by the officials. “Branding and tattooing of our livestock can save our livestock from being stolen as we are faced with a challenge of stock theft in our communities,” he said. Chief Masupha applauded Minister’s visit and said his presence gives them hope that livestock services will be restored in their area.