Ministry of Home Affairs through the National Identity and Civil Registry (NICR) database, has become a stepping stone for acceleration of service delivery.

Ministry of Finance has been operating manually in paying the elderly’s pension.

The 10th August 2020, marked a shift from manual operation to automated system for pensioners’ payments in Qacha’s Nek, which has also been considered a pilot district. The same system is said to be an electronic archiving system, whereby the National ID serves as an important leeway access to that payment system; this therefore means that without ID, the elderly will no longer be paid manually.

For this system, Home Affairs with its ID document verifies the existence and credibility of paid pensioners.

In his address, Hon. Letsosa, showed the importance of ID, as a national document in accessing all services in the country, especially pensioners’ payments. To them ID ought to be more important than even the money they receive.

His message to them was to take care of their IDs as they are important documents.