On Friday, the 29th July 2022, the Government of Lesotho, through the Ministry of Home Affairs commemorated World Anti-Trafficking in Persons (TIPs) day at Makhunoane, in Botha-Bothe. World Anti-Trafficking in persons is celebrated annually on the 30th of July. This year’s theme is “Use and abuse of Technology”.

In his address the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsosa acknowledged and thanked the Multi-Sectoral committee for their recognized efforts in eliminating the human trafficking scourge. Furthermore, he stated that the Multi-sectoral committee comprises government Ministries (Labour and Employment, Social Development, Foreign Affairs, and Lesotho Mounted Police Services); and Non-governmental organizations, and United Nations Agencies; all of these are chaired by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Minister acknowledged their diligent collaborative efforts in combatting trafficking in persons

He emphasized that most perpetrators are those very close people to the victims such as neighbours, friends, and/or relatives. The Government will continue to make significant efforts which added to the awareness campaign, would include identifying more human trafficking victims and increasing processes.

The Minister added that the Ministry has so far rescued three victims this year. One of the rescued victims shared her story and acknowledged that she was lured by a man she trusted. The same lady was promised a better-paying job in South Africa back in 2019 only to end up being a sex slave. She cried, “That was the beginning of my sorrows”. That horrific experience resulted in her having a child. This experience has taught her to stand up boldly and advise young people to do thorough research on anything on social media to ensure their authenticity and existence.

Another victim who shared her story was also lured by her sister to go to Johannesburg, fortunately, she was rescued by a Mosotho man from those traffickers after two years of sex slavery. The rescuing was too late for her since she had already been contaminated and had fallen pregnant. This dilemma has coursed her complications and physical malfunctioning. The victim advised the youths that they should be vigilant as human trafficking is “real”, she acknowledged.

The event was graced with the Basotho traditional dances like mohobelo, mokhibo, monyanyako, and many more. Present at this event was the Free State Premier representative Mr. Lerato Mohapi, South African Police Services (SAPS) officials, United Nations Agencies and Non-governmental Agencies, and Beautiful Dreams Society representatives.