Question Answer
How much does an emergency passport cost?

Application: M 130.00
Emergency fee M500.00, total M630.00
Pay M630.00 (also bring your old passport if there’s any), apply at any passport office. An applicant should collect a passport from Mohale’s Hoek.

How much does it cost to replace a passport?

Penalty for lost/damaged, pay M300.00
Application fee M130.00, total M430.00
Pay M430.00 for a lost passport
Pay M430.00 for a damaged passport and bring such passport along

How much does a passport cost?

Regular passport (32 pages) _ M130.00
Regular passport (64 pages) _ M250.00
Official passport (32 pages) _ M200.00
Diplomatic passport (32 pages) _ M1000.00
Diplomatic passport (64 pages) _ M1200.00

How long do I wait to receive my passport?

A maximum of 5 working days

What are the requirements of replacing lost passport?

Report it to the nearest police station (in any country)
Bring along the police report (affidavit) and your ID at the passport office.

What do I need for passport collection?

An adult should collect his/her passport, no one is expected to collect a passport on behalf of an applicant.

Children below the age of 16 cannot be allowed to collect their passports. Passports for minors can only be collected by a parent or a guardian who gave consent.

What are the requirements for passport application?

ADULTS (16years and above):

  • National Identity (ID) card
  • Previous passport (if any)
  • Application letter (does not require chief’s stamp)


  • Birth certificate
  • Letter of consent (application) from a parent/guardian
  • ID/Passport of a parent or guardian
Are passports readily available to anyone who needs one?

Passports are only available to the legible applicants.

How much is Lesotho work permit?

The new Lesotho Exemption Permit (LEP) project will begin on 18 November 2019 for online applications. The LEP is open for valid LSP permit-holders only. Cut-off date for submission of applications is 31 March 2020. An administrative fee of R1090 will be charged.


Every citizen of a foreign country who wishes to visit the Kingdom of Lesotho on any visa category must first obtain a visa through the Lesotho e-visa system. Citizens of countries that have visa abolition agreements with Lesotho and citizens of some Commonwealth countries are exempt from this rule.