About the Ministry


To register and affirm the identity and status of citizens and non-citizens and their livestock, manage migration efficiently and securely, and enable citizens and non-citizens exercise their constitutional right of freedom of movement and access services.


A safe, secure and prosperous Lesotho where everyone enjoys and values their identity and citizenship.


To develop and maintain credible national population and livestock registers, and manage migration for security, good governance and fulfillment of international obligations.



We are committed to upholding and maintaining high standards of professionalism when providing services to clients.


We pledge to treat those we serve with modesty and shall refrain from doing things that lower their pride and self-esteem.

Accountability and transparency:

We are committed to be fully accountable to our clients and pledge to become transparent, tolerant and sensitive in the provision of our services.


We always pledge to uphold commitment to our duties and responsibilities as servants of the people of Lesotho.

Efficiency and effectiveness:

We are committed to providing services of high quality on time in addressing the needs of those we serve.


We will do all in our power to refrain from fraudulent and corrupt practices when carrying out our responsibilities.


We are committed to upholding confidentiality and secrecy where these are required in the execution of our duties.


We undertake to maintain consistency in ensuring valid services and products.


We undertake to demonstrate good conduct, honesty, fairness and objectivity in all our dealings with clients and other stakeholders.

Customer oriented:

We are committed to delivering services and products that are based on the needs of our clients and other stakeholders.

Team work:

We undertake to work cooperatively to perform and accomplish our objectives and provide direction towards the future.