Malealea –Honourable Motlalentoa Letsosa gives Nkhono Mapheello Koete her Birth Certificate and Identity Card (ID).

In collaboration with Ministries of Finance through Department of Pensions and Social Development, through the Aged, Ministry of Home Affairs is reaching out to the aged pensioners in documentation issuance in the country.

Evidence and experience have taught Ministry of Finance of the inconsistencies in old aged pension allocation. Among other issues is lack or no proper identification instrument, thus leading to fraudulent and corrupted means of pension allocation.

The Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Motlalentoa Letsosa led issuance of documents to the aged in different identified Mafeteng villages of Ha Kubutu, Malealea, Ha Monyalotsa and Litšoeneng to mention few. The aged ranged from 74 to 90 years and are very sickly people whom some no longer walk, see and hear, hence the reason for the Ministry to reach out to them with services, as they could no longer access public services.

According to Letsosa, the identity documents will ease their mode of identification while accessing their grants, be they social or pension. He added that this is the passport to any identification in the country and must cease from using passport as an identity document. This gesture is an important milestone not only to the Ministries of Finance, Development Planning for identification purposes as well as for credibility of pensioners or grant recipients; it is also a socio-economic milestone for the country in terms of informed economic decisions.

The recipients expressed their gratitude as they can no longer physically access such services.