The two day meeting stems from the initial meeting that took place on the 2nd February 2023 in Pretoria South Africa. The Honourable Minister Lephema said in their discussion, it has been agreed that, they work with agility and strengthen mutual cooperation to end cross border crimes among others being Human Trafficking, stock theft, money laundering linked to cash in transit heists and illegal mining called “Zama Zamas” . “We remain stubborn in our pursuit of safety and justice beyond our borders and remain resolute that criminals will not run amok between Lesotho and South Africa without any repercussions” he said.

He further said, they will also need to look where they need to improve to better combat crime in their countries’ borders and within. He said they have encountered all forms of crimes such as human trafficking and smuggling of persons, stock and car theft, smuggling of illegal goods including firearms and other organized crimes. Honourable Minister Lephema highlighted that, the issue of the movement of persons, goods and services between the two countries will always be beneficial to their respective economies and their people. He continued to say that, they will be strengthening their measures to curb porous borders through the implementation of a one-stop border post.

Honourable Minister of Police South Africa General Bheki Cele said they take this matter very serious hence they want to work at the borders of The Kingdom of Lesotho and The Republic of South Africa in order to achieve much better conditions in terms of fighting criminality. “From our side, we have brought the Provincial Commissioners from the 8 Provinces and these Provinces border with Lesotho.” Said General Cele. He added that with the document that they have just signed, there are some emphasize that if they do them properly and thoroughly even if they do 75% of them would be much better. He said they have also agreed that they will be developing this as a living document bringing more departments such as departments of Justice, defense and State Security especially from the side of South Africa to work on the matter of eradicating criminality.