The Ministry’s policy is to ensure that everyone is included in the National Population Register.This was highlighted by the Principal Secretary, Mr. Tumelo Raboletsi, at Makeoane Electoral Division (ED), Nokong Ha Selebeli Berea, on 24 August 2022.

After collaboration and support from the family and local leaders, Molupe was issued an Identity card. Both Mr. Liteboho ‘Moleli, the community Councilor, and Chief Masebina Makhabane, acknowledge and applauded the rapid response from the Ministry after numerous challenges of trying to get Molupe assisted.
In an interview with Lesotho Television, Mr.Raboletsi showed that the government’s mandate is to have everyone registered and recorded in the National Identity and Population Registry so that one gets legal identity, including their right to recognition as a person before the law and their formal relationship with the State. In addition, registration facilitates the recognition of a child as a bona fide member of their society and grants them unquestionable identity. To this effect, the government ensures that everyone is not left behind, but is included regardless of their circumstances. The practice of social inclusion is now the order of the day, unlike before when people with special cases like Molupe were exempted, but the Ministry ensures that all are reached and registered regardless of their status. This social inclusion is so important as it enables the government’s decision-making policies, which include special cases such as this one, whereby Molupe would be included in the Ministry of Social Development for social grants and other benefits.

The reason for deconcentrating services is to respond to cases such as this; whereby officers are found in all community authorities’ (chiefs, community councils) offices. To reinforce the importance of social inclusion, Raboletsi acknowledged the presence of the deaf and dump staff in the Ministry, who play a pivotal role when cases such as these arise.
Advocate Liako Mokuena appealed to all community leaders as well as the public at large, to report people with special cases to National Identity and Civil Registry Offices so that they can be reached and registered without leaving them behind but, granting them their legal right to identity as bona fide members of their society.