Ministry of Home Affairs commemorates Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics at Maluti Adventist Hospital, Mapoteng Berea on 10th August 2021. This year’s theme is “Leadership for an essential service: Building resilient civil registration and vital statistics system in Africa that provide initiative, integrated and decentralized services for the post Covid-19 period”.

It is the mandate of Home Affairs Ministry to register all vital events such as births, marriages Identity documents and deaths.

Letsosa emphasized that all citizens must acquire these documents to ensure legitimacy of their citizenship. Maluti Adventist Hospital is said to have the largest number of baby deliveries in Berea district, hence the Ministry launched the automated birth registration system; after Scott Hospital whose office was opened as part of King’s Birthday celebration on the 17 July 2021.

According to Raboletsi, in 2010, there was a conference on civil registration and vital statistics in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, whereby African Authorities realized that there are several children who live and pass away without being registered. Every country must ensure the registration for every person. In 2012 they decided that every country should introspect, and they found that African Countries are in Scandal of invisibility. Another goal was to figure out causes of death in order to implement strategies to curb such deadly diseases. 10th day of August was therefore picked as an international day to commemorate Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics. The Ministry is on the journey to ensure legal identity for all, abiding with the UN SDG target 16.9 “leaving no one behind”, and is still all about service decentralization amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chief Executive Officer of Maluti Adventist Hospital Thabang Pulumo extended his gratitude to the Ministry for being the second Hospital to officially automate registration system of births and deaths, especially since the hospital accommodates everyone in the country. “This will be so beneficial especially with Covid-19 pandemic since people will not have to travel to main office (Teya-Teyaneng) for birth registrations”, Pulumo remarked.